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About Us
Virtual Studio Orchestra LLC specializes in providing high quality online music lessons, event music, arrangements, orchestration and scoring, original compositions, MIDI sequencing, and mastering. Our team of professional musicians and sound engineers is able to provide a full complement of services for film, television, theater, multi-media, and live events.

Our vision is to meet each one of our clients' unique needs by providing high quality and cost-effective services. We are able to accomplish this by understanding the mission of each project and by providing guidance and support at each stage of production.

Over 30 years of professional experience.
"Your master class encourages our students to go to a totally different level."
Rebecca Henry
Chair of the String Department at the Peabody Conservatory
"Man, you are awesome! Your sound is super!"
Igor Yuzefovich
Concertmaster of BBC Symphony Orchestra
"Your talent is limitless, your virtuosity is unparalleled and your professionalism is first-class. You are so multi-faceted and unique that any music you produce, whether written by you or played by you, becomes your own and unique."
Gregory Kuperstein
Member of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
"Huge thank you for the great lesson on Sunday. You were terrific. Somehow you knew that my daughter would respond well to a light-hearted attitude, positivity, and joking around. She thought you were great, and that it was hilarious how little your pooch listens to you!"
R. S.
Parent of current student

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Rafael Javadov

    "Being a music company in 2020 has been incredibly hard. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically reduced our income from live music performances and made touring virtually impossible for the foreseeable future. The next few months will be dire. We really need your help.
Your donation will makes an enormous difference. Thank you."
Truly yours, Rafael Javadov,
President of Virtual Studio Orchestra LLC.

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